Plant-based Medicine Jumps on the Personalization Train

There’s nothing society loves more than being able to personalize and control every aspect of our lives. We personalize our coffee orders, work out plans, music playlists and even grocery delivery lists. 

As society continues to demand personalization, the healthcare industry has jumped in and responded with a variety of approaches to attempt to provide control and personalization to medicine, and alternative health products like plant-based medicine are no exception.

Unfortunately, most products fall short of what is necessary to create a true dosing regimen rooted in control and consistency. The reason behind this failure is that few companies understand what it means to dose precisely — and if they do, their products don’t have the means to accomplish it. 


How Do We Achieve Control?

Three words. Quantity. Potency. Frequency.

These three criteria allow for a person to completely control their dose, helping each individual to personalize a plan utilizing alternative medicine that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. In other words, people need to know exactly how much they are dosing, what is in each dose, and exactly how often to do it. 

Let’s consider ibuprofen – when you have a headache, you know to take two pills (quantity) that are 200 mg each (potency) once every four hours (frequency). Years of research in traditional medicine have made dosing regimens simple. But the same comfort has not been established in alternative plant-based medicine, until now. 

Gofire is the only company approaching plant-based medicine with the technology that accounts for all three of the above requirements, thanks to the Gofire SmartCartridge, Inhaler and App. 

Products currently on the market approach dosing purely through an inhalation lens. They either measure time (how long a person inhales) or they measure volume (how much air a person inhales).

Even when these two aspects are combined, they do not provide an accurate dosing experience. Not everyone inhales at the same rate, so how can we be sure that each person is receiving the same dose in, let’s say, a 5-second inhale? The answer is, we can’t be sure. 

In addition, measuring the volume of air inhaled produces an inconsistent result as well because different aspects such as temperature, pull rate and the potential for leftover oils create different results from person to person.


How is Gofire Different?

All of this may be leaving you thinking, “can someone’s plant-based medicine regimen really be personalized then?” The answer is, yes, it can! 

The design and technology behind Gofire’s SmartCartridge accounts for all of the variables that accurate dosing requires. Created for use with the Gofire Inhaler, SmartCartridges enable the extrusion of extracts into a convection heating chamber in precise 2.5 mg increments. This means that the amount of medicine is measured before it is heated, not estimated throughout, like most other products.

A microchip on each SmartCartridge relays the exact chemical formulation of the medicine to the Gofire App, which records the dose inhaled and tracks the outcome. The App even tells you when you have completed your dose, no matter how long or how many times you inhale. And once your dose is complete, another inhalation will only pull warm air; meaning you get exactly what you dose and nothing more. Lastly, since there is a fresh extrusion of medicine out of the SmartCartridge and into the oven each time you dose, the oil isn’t constantly being reheated and retains its integrity. No product degradation here! 


A Dose as Unique as You Are

At Gofire, we know how important personalization is. After all, no two people in this world are alike so why should your dose be the same as your neighbor’s? With Gofire, you can personalize temperature settings, track each dose you take down to the exact chemical makeup of the product, rate and review each session and even see which products are helping others in your community with similar issues.

They say knowledge is power — and with all the knowledge that Gofire provides, you can finally have the power to craft your very own, personalized plant-based medicine regimen and have access to it anytime, in the palm of your hands.