Taking Back Control of Your Health with GoFire

Complementary and Alternative medicine is described as any treatment or regimen in place of, or complementary to, traditional or conventional Western medical approaches. If you regularly take yoga classes or stick to a daily vitamin regimen, then you would be considered a part of this growing segment of the US population to engage in these unconventional therapies. Roughly 38% of adults in the United States reported the use of some form or combination of the two. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, and plant-based treatment regimens are all common forms of complementary and alternative medicine. Often times, when used in conjunction to standard treatment options, complementary and alternative medicine can greatly increase treatment efficacy, however, the evidence behind using alternative medicine in place of traditional therapies entirely is growing and the argument for doing so is becoming hard to ignore.


Current statistics show that  7 out of 10 Americans take 4 prescription medications on average, and the number of filled prescriptions increased from 2.5 billion to 4.5 billion in less than 10 years. This over medication has led to an alarming rate of overdoses and overall misuse of prescriptions. With rapid advancements in technology and delivery methods of plant-based alternatives, we can now begin to move away from the mentality of “there’s a pill for that” to “there’s a plant for that”.


Until now, knowing exactly where to start with plant-based medicine or which dose is potentially right for you may have felt like a guessing game. There has never been a way to accurately measure or confidently and safely explore the benefits of plant based alternatives. There has been no standardization in dose, by ailment or delivery lending to inconsistent experiences and results. Misinformation has contributed to an improper understanding of the potential effects of plant-based medicine, creating a negative stigma. Plants, like people are inherently different but finding the right dose and the right regimen is possible with the right product and right delivery method.


GoFire is the first ever precision dosing inhaler. Built with safety and dose standardization in mind, GoFire’s device is a proprietary medicine-to-lung, micro-dosing technology. Metered, controllable increments allow for safe and manageable consumption of inhalable plant-based medicine, making it easy to control the outcome and achieve the desired effect. The fear of not knowing what is in your medicine or how it will affect you is eliminated with GoFire and the dose-monitoring app helps track usage and monitor it’s adherence making it easier than ever to find what’s right for you.


With GoFire you’ll get Smart convection inhalation with precise dose control allows you to have full and complete control over your experience. GoFire will show you exactly how much and what you’re putting into your body, empowering people like you to understand how unique products make them feel. The addition of a personalized dosing app allows customization of every session that tracks your alternative health behaviors. Control your device in real-time, and visually monitor dose delivery from the palm of your hand. Track what works and learn what doesn’t, all while staying in control of your dosing regimen. Designed around a concept known as Personalized Population Health, (PPH) GoFire’s ecosystem will change the relationship between physicians and patients, and alter the way plant-based medicine is prescribed and administered, forever.


Isn’t it time to take control of your health with alternative medicine? GoFire makes that possible.