Zack Martin is a fighter, an athlete and an advocate for using plant-based medicine to treat physical and mental illness. Zack grew up playing ice hockey, lacrosse and lifting weights. He has continued to maintain top physical shape into his twenties. He spends hours in the gym every day without fail, pays attention to his diet and takes the health and wellness of his body very seriously. However, Zack has in no way had an “easy” life up until this point – and through trial and error he has found a way to use alternative medicine to live the life of an active 25-year-old. 

Zack was diagnosed with an inoperable but benign brain tumor in his left medial temporal lobe during his freshman year at Colorado State University after having a seizure and being admitted to the hospital. Due to the mass, Zack has struggled with a handful of health issues, including frequent seizures. On top of his already pressing health issues, Zack recently severely broke his back while lifting in the gym — which required multiple surgeries and resulted in a dangerous staph infection during one of his hospital stays. Despite all he has been through, Zack still strives to be influential in his daily life at work, in the gym and in his relationships.

During his first year at Colorado State University, Zack attended a football game to cheer on his team. This is a day that ended up changing his life dramatically.

“I passed out in the student section of the stands and was raced to the hospital,” Zack said. “While I was there, the doctors discovered the tumor in my brain. Doctor’s opinions on the tumor were that it would be riskier to remove it than to continue living with it because it was so slow growing, so we decided not to operate on it.” 

For years after Zack was diagnosed, he experienced debilitating grand mal seizures. He also battled frequent petite seizures, a medical condition that can manifest with sudden lapses of consciousness that often go unnoticed, causing Zack to feel hazy and confused. Until undergoing a 72-hour inpatient study for his seizures, Zack believed he was losing cognitive function and was very fearful. Doctors continued to prescribe different medications, but he was suffering from major side effects and fighting off the addictive properties of prescription drugs.

“The medications doctors were prescribing me caused all kinds of side effects. At the time, I was taking anti-seizure medication and Trazodone daily, which were causing me to have severe headaches, feel lethargic and leaving me unable to sleep,” Zack said. “While I was in the hospital for my tumor, one of my doctors recommended that I use CBD for treatment due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities.”

Frustrated with the medication he was taking, Zack was visited by a company called Mary’s Medicinals in the hospital. After discussing his struggles with his prescriptions, the company provided Zack with sub-dermal CBD patches, and he could not believe how much better he started to feel.

Shortly after Zack began experimenting with plant-based medicines, he started feeling better and was able to get back into the gym routinely. One day while he was at his local gym, almost four years ago, Zack was executing a clean-and-jerk weightlifting maneuver just as he had done thousands of times before. Unfortunately, someone had loaded the weights wrong and the bar was imbalanced. The resulting accident caused Zack’s upper spine to severely fracture — the trauma leaving him completely unconscious on the gym floor. As he was being airlifted in a helicopter to the hospital, writhing in pain, Zack couldn’t help but think about the long road of recovery ahead.

“While I was in the hospital in the intensive care unit for almost a month after my accident, doctors once again tried to prescribe me different kinds of prescription medicines to help me with pain, but I didn’t want to deal with all of the side effects,” Zack recalls.

Just as he had begun to do with his tumor, Zack implemented plant-based medicines into his recovery plan for his back and found that they were extremely helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

“After I broke my back, I started using plant-based medicine on a daily basis to recover and wean myself off all other medications that I was taking. I started noticing that different strains and combinations of THC and CBD had different effects.”

One of the largest issues Zack struggled with while using alternative medicines is finding an exact remedy to treat his pain. Before he discovered Gofire, Zack had difficulty managing key areas of his life due to dosing issues with plant-based medicine.

“Gofire fills a void,” he said. “Before [using Gofire] I couldn’t dose out my meds properly, so oftentimes that would result in me either being too medicated, or not medicated enough. There wasn’t a way for me to know how much to use. My favorite part about Gofire is the consistent experience I get when using the Inhaler as a resource for [plant-based medicines]. The inhaler is very easy to use, and it gives me peace of mind knowing exactly what and how much I’m putting into my body.”

Using the Gofire App, Zack can track which medications are working best for him and continue to dose himself with the exact same formula to ensure consistent results. In addition, he can use the app to see what products are working best for others in the community that struggle with similar issues.  

Zack has a very specific regimen for treating his medical issues. “I use full spectrum CBD, THC, CBG, and CBN for sleep. Without Gofire, it would be very hard for me to keep track of these medications and their direct effects. Gofire has the consistent dosing technology that my doctors and I are able to really rely on,” he said.

Zack still struggles with managing a few minor health issues from time to time, but with the help of Gofire he has been able to dramatically reduce his seizures through the use of plant-based medicine. He has been nearly seizure free for two years now, and he’s been able to manage the pain and inflammation of both his back injury and brain tumor. Most important, he is happy. Zack has been able to relieve the anxiety, depression and sleep issues he was having from prescription drugs and now lives a relatively stress-free life.

“I think Gofire is the most revolutionary thing to happen to [plant-based medicine], aside from it being available.”


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