Jordan Tishler, M.D.

Gofire has carefully selected a Board of Medical Advisors to oversee our company mission to provide the most reliable dose and data points for patients, doctors and researchers. Today, we want to introduce an important member of that advisory board, plant-based medicine expert and medical practitioner, Dr. Jordan Tishler. 

An esteemed author, speaker and researcher, Dr. Jordan Tishler completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard College and went on to earn his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Tishler trained in Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, where he is presently on staff. Dr. Tishler is also a faculty member at Harvard Medical School where he has both written and instructed a handful of courses revolving around holistic care.

Transition to Holistic Care

Throughout his years of practice as an internal medicine expert and emergency physician, Dr. Tishler has seen it all. He has witnessed thousands of patients seeking emergency medical care due to alcohol and opioid abuse, yet has never treated a patient for overdosing on plant-based medicine.

Once Dr. Tishler came to this realization, his true passion behind studying the effects of plant-based medicine really took off.

Over the years, Dr. Tishler continued to study the science of plant-based medicine and he became especially interested in how it can impact pain management, mental health, insomnia and human sexuality. In an effort to educate more people on plant-based medicine, Dr. Tishler founded and launched an online and in-person patient care platform dedicated to treating patients using alternative medicine, called InhaleMD.

A Better Way to Treat Patients

As he acquired more and more patients through his platform, he discovered that there was a major lack of tools for patients to properly dose plant-based medicine. So Dr. Tishler set out to find a tool that would allow him to prescribe his patients’ specific plant-based medicine regimens while also allowing patients to track their plant-based medicine treatment plan on their own as well.

During his search to find a platform that allows for careful tracking and monitoring, Dr. Tishler was introduced to Gofire and immediately resonated with the company’s mission and Caregiver Portal.

“The key for delivering effective care to patients is to be able to give them specific medicine to take using exact dosing and timing,” said Dr. Tishler.

“So far, there are few systems that facilitate this. Further, careful monitoring and adjustment of the medication is crucial. Gofire provides the only solution to accomplish all of these aims. The Gofire [Health Suite] can be used to do research that will help understand what is really working and what is not,” explains Dr. Tishler.

In alignment with Gofire’s mission and recent involvement in clinical trials, Dr. Tishler would also like to see the research behind the efficacy of plant-based medicine progress greatly in the next few years. As a board member for Gofire, he is able to work closely with our team to help the community take steps in the right direction. He is a strong believer that knowledge is power and he is constantly working to educate law-makers, business executives and other physicians on the benefits that plant-based medicine can have on different health and wellness issues. 

“We need to get out of the lab and start assessing the efficacy of [plant-based] medicine. This requires a few major things — real-time monitoring of patients’ adherence, development of proper control groups and objective measures of outcomes. The Gofire device is fundamental to this process,” said Dr. Tishler. 

Dr. Tishler is paving the way for plant-based medicine therapeutics and is an expert in the industry with the credentials to back it up. Here at Gofire, we are passionate about providing a medical-grade device and platform for all patients seeking relief from plant-based medicine — and we are lucky to have Dr. Jordan Tishler as an advisor and advocate for our company.