Since the beginning of time, humans have been using plant-based medicine as a way to heal their bodies. The Chinese text, “Pen T’Sao” noted more than 365 plants and their medicinal usages. The ancient Hindu Vedas detail how various ailments can be combated through plant medicine.

As we have moved into modern times, humans have moved away from a holistic standpoint for their health and wellness and turned to pharmaceuticals and Western medicine as a cure all for many ailments.

Today, many people still rely on Western medicine, but they augment their health care regimen with a holistic approach. Incorporating supplements into our daily routine can help move the body back into homeostasis without the need of prescription pills. Supplements such as turmeric, fish oil, and Vitamin C can be introduced into one’s wellness regime in exchange for over-the-counter medication offering the same benefits without dangerous side effects.

When looking to using phytomedicine, we should remember that utilizing whole plant-based medicines is of utmost importance. Plants tend to work better in their natural state.

One example can be found with St. John’s Wort, which is known for its healing effects as it activates enzymes in the brain that boost serotonin. As scientists started to isolate the “active” ingredient in the plant they quickly realized there were many more active ingredients leading them to believe that whole-plant medicine is the best way to gain the most benefits of the plant.  

This same theory goes for Cannabidiol (CBD) which has shown to have anxiolytic, anti-epileptic and antipsychotic properties. CBD is also used to regulate the Endocannabinoid System, which is found in every human body. Regulating this system holds therapeutic promises for a variety of mood disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, neuropathic pain and cancer, to name a few.  

In order to reap the greatest benefits from CBD, full spectrum options are most effective. Full spectrum CBD products include all the cannabinoids found in the plant without isolating certain cannabinoids out of the equation. 

In conjunction with a healthy plant-based supplement routine, we can consider adding mindful meditation, exercise and healthy eating habitats into our lives. 

Taking 5-10 minutes daily to mindfully meditate or just bring our minds back into the present moment can work wonders on our body’s stress and pain levels. Meditation is also effective at combating anxiety and depression while increasing self awareness and promoting a healthier emotional state. 

Utilizing our breath is one of the most effective ways we can bring our mind-body connection back to a state of contentment. Pairing mindful meditation with an active lifestyle and plant-based medicine is a way we can regain control of our bodies and minds.

When utilizing plant-based medicine, it is important to track our process to understand how these changes are affecting our bodies. One way to track plant-based medicine is through the Gofire App. The app brings the consumer back in control of their own health. It allows the user to search for plant-based medicines  that are specifically tailored to their needs. Through the app, consumers can track every dose they take and have the option to anonymously rate and review products after each session — which helps community members struggling with similar issues see which products are most effective. 

Being mindful of how plant-based medicines can affect the body can have a large impact on improving one’s health and wellness routine.