By Gofire Staff

The package comes to you all wrapped up, maybe even tied with a bow. But you don’t know who sent it, or what’s inside. Could be your heart’s desire. Could be empty, a total dud. And how would you know, unless you were able take a peek inside?

That, in essence, has been the dilemma with most plant-derived medicines. Ginger root is renowned for its belly-calming abilities, yes, but not all ginger plants are equally potent, nor are all supplements the same. And sometimes unscrupulous ginger-root sellers try to pass off dandelion root as ginger. Could be your belly’s desire. Could do nothing at all. Could actually harm you, depending on where the root was growing. And how would you know, until you consume it?

The Gofire App and DoseCode-enabled products help set the record straight for patients by providing much-needed insight on plant-derived products. The need for this knowledge and product transparency is clear: A major study from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 demonstrated that so-called active ingredients in many plant-based medicines are inconsistent with the label claims, or even absent entirely.

Sometimes the gift box is empty, or it could be overstuffed. You never know. For all the limitations of prescription medicines—side effects, expense, potential for addiction to name a few—they do have one thing going for them: It says right on the bottle how many milligrams you’re getting, and how often you should take them.

What about natural healing options for the rest of us, who don’t want prescription meds to be our only option?

At Gofire, we’ve created new ways to know more about plant-based products before you purchase them, so you can make an informed decision.

We developed the Gofire App and scannable DoseCode technology at our headquarters in Denver. That’s important, because Colorado has long held a leadership position in making sure that products are tested and consistent from plant to plant and provider to provider, so people know what they’re getting.

Gofire harvested data from all of that third-party testing for plant medicines to create DoseCodes, which are QR squares on the outside of packaging that can be scanned by smartphones through the Gofire App. DoseCodes provide the exact chemical profiles of extracts, tinctures, edibles, topicals. The Gofire App also links you to product reviews and anonymous crowdsourced feedback from the Gofire community about what health goals they were using that particular product for—for example, pain relief or better sleep—and how well it worked. The mystery package has been opened up at last, and you know exactly what you’re getting.

“We describe the app as Fitbit meets Yelp meets Waze,” said Gofire’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Calfee. “We’re leveraging big data and machine learning to offer a smart health app that demystifies the dosing process, creates consistency and builds a community database to inform and educate people.”

So if you’re trying to choose between two types of concentrate, or two similarly enticing edibles, you don’t have to wait for a know-it-all clerk to weigh in, or resort to eeeny-meeny-miney-moe. Now you can use the Gofire App to scan DoseCodes, and all will be revealed.

Finally, more knowledge about plant-based medicine is opening up.