By Gofire Staff

Dr. Theodore Search, chairman of the Gofire Medical Advisory Board

One of Gofire’s ultimate goals with its digital health suite is giving medical providers insight into how their patients are utilizing plant-based medicine to help inform treatment strategies.

Until now, patients pursuing better health through alternative medicine have largely worked on their own to try to figure out which plant-based products and dosages are most effective for helping with pain relief, sleep, anxiety, relaxation and other health goals.

A select panel of medical experts, led by pharmacist and communications expert Dr. Theodore Search, is helping Gofire forge a path for the medical community to provide guidance for patients to effectively use plant medicine and achieve consistent results.   

Dr. Search, a scientist and licensed pharmacist in Pennsylvania, brings a deep understanding of how creating networks for communication can help medical providers and patients alike. He’s the founder and chief executive officer of Skipta, a social network similar to Facebook that is specifically designed for medical professionals.

“I’ve met so many people and connected so many others through the work I’ve done in the past few years with Skipta,” Dr. Search said.

Skipta, established in 2009, is used by more than 800,000 physicians, oncologists, neurologists and other credentialed medical professionals.

Dr. Search, who is the chairman of the Gofire Medical Advisory Board, says the data patients can compile with Gofire’s secure health data app and technologically advanced inhaler is invaluable for medical providers. Likewise, the precision dosing of Gofire’s inhaler, which is designed for plant-based products including concentrates, is the other part of the equation that gives medical providers the tools they need to help patients find which products and dosing regimens are optimal for their health goals.

“What’s special about Gofire is that it offers metered control consumption down to the milligram, which allows for the precise dosing people have come to expect for any other kind of prescription they receive from their doctor,” said Dr. Search, who received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh. “The ability of the Gofire inhaler to administer precise dosage on top of the app that can capture the analytics on how a particular product is working for a patient are incredibly useful assets for a medical provider to have.”

The analytical data compiled in the Gofire app allows a patient and his or her medical team to review consumption patterns and establish the lowest, most effective dose needed to get results. When such information is compiled into an anonymous database of product ratings by patients in the Gofire community, it sheds light on which types of products work well for certain conditions.

Determining what’s best for a patient’s needs is something Dr. Search is well-versed in as a clinical pharmacist who specialized in creating custom infusion medications—such as chemotherapy and antibiotics—before he turned his attention to running Skipta. His passion for  connecting the medical community earned Dr. Search recognition as one of PM360’s Top 100 Elite Entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in 2016.

Along with the medical focus Gofire brings to plant-based medicine, Dr. Search looks forward to advancing the discussion of plant-based medicine with data.

“As a scientist and pharmacist by background, I’m very interested to learn more about the effectiveness and various uses of plant medicine. And I’ve been astonished by the amount of medical research and medical basis there is for the Gofire health suite.

“I see Gofire as a huge opportunity to educate others like myself in the medical world.”