Gofire’s Top Five Defining Moments 

As you may have heard, the Gofire Inhaler has officially launched and is available for purchase on our website! We’re so excited to deliver clarity and control to your plant-based medicine and we want to take you along the journey that led to what is known today as the Gofire Health Suite. 

We’ve been building Gofire for just about five years now and throughout those years, we’ve taken the necessary time and steps to ensure that our technology provides the safest and most reliable dosing platform available. We always knew we wanted to build an Inhaler, but along the way we discovered that it’s about more than the Inhaler — it’s about enabling the prescription pad for plant-based medicine and building a community for patients, researchers and healthcare professionals.

The following describe the top five defining moments that have transformed Gofire from a mere idea into a multidimensional healthcare technology company that is changing the landscape for plant-based medicine:

Discovering the dose – safety and control by design

The first defining moment and the one that sparked the idea behind Gofire almost five years ago was that the plant-based medicine industry was lacking an accurate way to identify and manage precise dosing. This inspired the idea behind the SmartCartridge-enabled Gofire Inhaler that extrudes plant-based medicine in 2.5 mg increments. With the Gofire Inhaler, patients can control exactly how much medicine they are consuming. In doing so, they can also predict how each dose will make them feel. Each SmartCartridge contains a microchip that relays exact information about each dose to the Gofire App while also linking to a third-party validated lab test revealing the exact chemical profile of the cartridge product. No one would ever take Advil to manage pain without knowing how much medicine they were taking with each pill and how it might affect them. The results would be unpredictable and ineffective. So why should plant-based medicine be treated differently? Dose control brings predictability, consistency and repeatability to plant-based medicine. 

Collecting the data – full medication management 

The ability to control your dose in precise amounts was a huge step forward for plant-based medicine. However, what’s the point of controlling the medicine so precisely without a way to properly track its use and effect? While creating a way for patients to dose plant-based medicine, the Gofire team also designed a way for patients to track all the medications they were taking through a personal app-based journal. That’s right, there’s an app for that! The Gofire App tracks each dose of plant-based medicine patients consume and then allows them to see several snapshots of their consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and even annual basis. By monitoring dosage and tracking outcomes, patients can identify exactly which products work for their specific ailment or condition and at what dosage the products work for them. 

The patients’ choice – track your medication no matter its form

Patients have options — and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their preference in order to dose and track their medication. This revelation is what’s behind the next monumental step in Gofire’s evolution: Adding functionality to the Gofire App for consumers to scan in other sources of plant-based medicine such as edibles, tinctures, topicals and more. This feature enables patients to truly choose their own dosing regimen by having the option to dose plant-based medicines in just about any method available. Between the SmartCartridge-enabled Inhaler and scanning of DoseCodes and barcodes, patients are able to track their medication no matter its form and find exactly which products work best for them.

Sharing data with the community – for patients and care professionals

 After conquering dosing for the patient, we recognized that the Gofire Health Suite can be utilized to share data with patients and healthcare professionals as well. Plant-based medicine is being used more frequently to treat chronic pain, sleep and other manageable conditions, but without accurate data, patients and physicians are forced to use a trial-and-error approach to see what works and what doesn’t work. Without a proven dosing regimen in place, doctors are unable to confidently recommend plant-based medicines, and patients are often reluctant to depend upon them for relief. The anonymized data gathered by the Gofire App provides a solution that helps both patients and caregivers.

The future of medicine – research for drug discovery, including new medications 

Product manufacturers gain valuable development tools from the Gofire platform. The expansion of the legal plant-based medicine market into more and more states provides an explosive opportunity for growth. However, this growth will not occur if consumers and physicians are wary of using and recommending products. The Gofire Health Suite creates a new opportunity for manufacturers to reach consumers at the exact moment they are considering purchase. What’s more, the data provided by consumer reviews, product usage and research conducted using Gofire’s measurement tools will create opportunities for manufacturers to refine and improve their products, creating even more ways to speed up drug discovery, increase brand loyalty and advance sales. 


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