As 2019 comes to an end and we look toward 2020, we can’t help but reminisce on the milestones Gofire has reached over the course of this past year. In an industry with so many moving parts, we were faced with a lot of hurdles along the way. However, due to the resilience of the Gofire Team, we were able to manage each and every one to push through it all. Here’s a recap of some of the most memorable milestones that Gofire has achieved in the past 12 months.

January – Gofire Launches the DoseCode

In the first few weeks of 2019 Gofire debuted the Gofire DoseCode — a branded QR code attached to exclusive plant-based medicine products. When patients download the Gofire App, they can use their phones to scan a DoseCode-enabled product, allowing them to access detailed product descriptions and complete batch and lab testing information. Through an anonymous, secure personal profile, patients can use the app to track their own results utilizing a Gofire DoseCode. The DoseCode allows patients to track their plant medicine though Gofire’s platform no matter which method they choose for consumption, helping them find what works best for their unique symptoms.

May – Gofire Awarded Patent

In May, Gofire was awarded its first ever patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent approval by the USPTO gave Gofire’s groundbreaking intellectual property a sizable lead on competitors in the space. There are currently very few approved U.S. patents for converting plant materials into precision-dosed inhalable medicine. The Gofire Inhaler’s precision dosing capability, re-envisioned convection heating element and medical-grade materials make it unique in its category and were key factors in the awarding of the patent.

The patent approval helped validate the fact that patients and medical professionals want to safely and accurately dose plant-based medicine with the same precision and information as other medications. As Gofire geared toward launching the Inhaler to the public, this patent was a monumental achievement. 

June – Gofire Wraps Up Beta Testing Program

In March Gofire launched a Beta Testing Program which included 60 patients of various backgrounds and ages utilizing the Gofire Inhaler and Gofire App to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. The test wrapped up in June and the results showed that people using the Gofire Health Suite reported they required less medicine to achieve better outcomes than when using other medical delivery devices for plant-based medicine

Testers using the Gofire Inhaler pulmonary drug delivery device along with the Gofire App to track dosing and outcomes reported an average 75 percent decrease in the amount of medicine they ingested to achieve similar or better results compared to prior regimens or treatments, according to respondents of a post-study survey. In addition:

    • 77 percent of respondents said the Gofire Inhaler allowed them to accurately dose to create a predictable result
    • 83 percent said that the Gofire Inhaler’s heating time worked quickly
    • 92 percent said they felt safe using the Gofire Inhaler as a medicine delivery device

We can’t thank the participants of this study enough as their feedback helped to advance the features and functionality of Gofire’s technology tremendously. 

July – CSU Launches Research Study

In July, Colorado State University researchers announced the launch of a series of clinical trials utilizing Gofire’s products — the first in the nation to utilize objective, precise technology to accurately evaluate plant-based medicine intake. Researchers in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, launched a three-staged research project using the Gofire Health Suite designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Gofire’s data-gathering technology for plant-based medicine research, as well as the efficiency of the Gofire Inhaler’s medicine delivery process.

Stage one of the clinical trial recently wrapped up and the findings were presented at the prestigious RSMj Conference in Portland, Oregon. Stage two will kick off in the new year where 15 participants will utilize the Gofire Inhaler and App to determine how automatic, real-time data collection can inform health outcomes associated with plant medicine. The second stage will also include a pharmacokinetic study to measure the bioavailability provided by the delivery mechanism of the Gofire Inhaler. A third stage will combine results from the first two stages to enable large-scale clinical trials aimed at determining the association between cannabis use and health outcomes. Research is the key to enabling medical professionals to prescribe plant-based medicine and we are honored to be a part of it.  

August – Gofire Partners with PharmaCann

In August, Gofire announced an exclusive distributor relationship for Gofire products in Australia and New Zealand with leading plant-based medicine distributor: PharmaCann. This partnership places Gofire’s products in pharmacies and retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Gofire DoseCodes will be included on all PharmaCann products, allowing 24 million residents in the two countries to accurately track and dose plant-based medicine.

As a leader in the industry, PharmaCann is focused on ensuring that its medical and wellness product offerings are of a superior quality standard and conform to all Therapeutic Goods Frameworks across our International Network. With PharmaCann’s global medical and distribution network expanding rapidly, the company is increasing its product offerings to facilitate a broader access to medicines, medical devices and well-being products for beneficial health care outcomes. We are proud to be working with the region’s leading voice for plant-based medicine to bring clarity and control to the patients seeking relief through plant medicine. 

November – Gofire Launches the Gofire Inhaler 

One of the most memorable and monumental days in the history of Gofire was November 14, 2019. On this day, years of hard work began to pay off as we celebrated the launch of the patented, metered-dose Gofire Inhaler to the public. We are thrilled to be able to help patients across the world find relief using Gofire’s connected health platform.  

The Gofire Inhaler is backed by researchers, healthcare professionals and countless hours of R&D and gives patients control over their health by administering precise doses of plant-based medicine concentrates in 2.5 mg increments at customized temperature settings, while allowing them to easily track data, personal outcomes and desired effects through the Gofire App. Together, the Gofire Inhaler and App create a “smart health ecosystem” enabling the precise dosage and replicable experience patients and physicians have been seeking from alternative medicines.

December – Gofire Names Joe Hodas CEO

After launching the Gofire Inhaler, Gofire announced that it had named Joe Hodas Chief Executive Officer, taking the role over from the company’s co-founder Peter Calfee, who maintains his leadership position as Founder and Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. 

This change allows Hodas, who joined Gofire as President and Chief Operating Officer in April after serving in an executive advisory role for several years, to take over day-to-day management of the company. This allows for Calfee to focus on the key functions of raising capital, developing and nurturing partnerships and maintaining the overall vision of Gofire as Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The change in leadership positions Gofire for sales growth, revenue generation and product line expansion for further extension into connected drug delivery as we move into 2020 — and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. 


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