By Gofire Staff

Are you a health tracker? Probably.

Do you wear a FitBit that tracks your steps? Ever use apps that count calories, remind you it’s time for bed, follow a medication dose regimen, or prompt you to breathe, drink water or meditate?

If so, you’re in good company: Pew Research Center found that about 69 percent of American adults track a health indicator such as weight, diet, exercise routine or symptoms—for themselves or others.

Millions of us are now using health tracking to monitor our own metrics, and there’s ample technology to help us do it. And the research shows that people who use technology to track their health indicators are far more successful at it than those who just try to track their health changes in their heads or on paper.

These findings underscore why we at Gofire created a technology health suite for plant-based medicines: to give consumers control of their health and take the guesswork out of using plant medicine. Our health suite lets you achieve consistent results, track your dosing regimen and dial in what works best for you.  It also gives you access to the Gofire community, where you can rate your experiences and learn from product reviews written by people just like you.

Gofire’s app that monitors dosages and session results is a key component, along with a smart inhaler, DoseCode-enabled products and a community science database for product discovery.  

Let’s take a tour of the app!


After you’ve downloaded the app, it will prompt you to create a profile with your age, weight, gender and your reasons for using the app. Here, you will provide anonymous personal information about your health, but rest assured Gofire takes security extremely seriously—and uses military-grade information management and security protocols to keep your information safe.


In creating your profile, you’ll choose which health issues you’re trying to address. Your answers help the app find the best products for you and make the platform personalized to your needs. For example, are you seeking relief from stress, chronic pain, insomnia or something else? Looking for products that will give you more clarity, creativity, energy or relaxation? Here’s where you choose what you want to focus on.


Now that you’ve chosen the condition you’re wanting to address, you can find which products you need. This is where the community science aspect of Gofire comes in: You’re now able to view anonymous reviews and ratings from other community members about what products are working best for any particular ailment or wellness goal. Gofire’s anonymous ratings system helps you discover what’s working for others who have similar health concerns and goals, so you can eliminate the guesswork and find relief faster. When you find a product you want, the Gofire app will direct you to a retailer in your area that is carrying that product.


Consumers should know exactly what’s in their extract products, and exactly how much they’re consuming. Through the DoseCode system, Gofire shows you the chemical profile of your edible, topical, tincture, or other plant-based product. Look for scannable DoseCodes on a variety of plant-based medicines from your favorite manufacturers. All batch information is verified directly from third-party testing facilities. And by seeing the breakdown of these chemical profiles, you’ll become more educated about what you’re consuming, and be able to document what’s working and what isn’t, then save the results for future reference.


Here, you sit back and let the app do the work: It records the dose amount, inhaler temperature, your feedback on outcomes and your session frequency. The app tracks and saves all that information so you don’t have to worry about it. When you find the perfect approach, it’s easy to replicate. Remember, people who use tech tools to track their health have far higher success rates than those who just try to remember!


Now you can rely on feedback from people just like you in the Gofire community, and anonymously share your reviews to add to the community’s pool of knowledge and help others find relief. Discover new products and locate them in your area. It’s the power of word-of-mouth, but in the palm of your hand.

Download the Gofire app here.