By Gofire Staff

Do you own a FitBit or any other wearable device that tracks your steps and heart rate? Ever use a health app that counts calories, tracks sleep, or prompts you to breathe, drink water or meditate?

If so, you’re part of a growing movement of personal health tracking. A 2013 Pew Internet Research survey found 69 percent of adults track a health indicator for themselves or others, and that number has surely grown with smart technologies becoming entrenched in our daily lives.  

The Pew poll also found that people who use technology to track health indicators are far more successful at keeping their health in check than those who don’t. Technology streamlines “the most laborious part of quantifying oneself: monitoring,” according to a report in Entrepreneur.

For those who have tapped into the power of alternative medicine and are using plant-based medicinal products to improve their health and wellness, it’s often challenging to achieve consistent results. However, when it’s easy for a person to monitor their dosing and health outcomes such as mood improvement or symptom relief, use of plant-based medicine is much more effective.

Gofire designed its smart health app to empower people to take charge of their own health and wellness by tracking data for you when utilizing plant medicine, whether it’s loose-leaf products, extracts, edibles, topicals or tinctures.

The data-driven Gofire App makes monitoring your dosages for each session quick and efficient, and lets you effortlesslydocument the effects and outcomes of the products you use.

The app also harnesses data in another way: It allows users to research plant-based products available in their area and see how effective products have been for others with similar symptoms, and find products with a specific chemical profile.

From the app, patients can view the chemical profile of products to understand exactly what’s in each dose. And with products that feature Gofire’s DoseCode technology, all batch information is verified directly from third-party testing facilities, so you know exactly what’s in your plant-based medicine.

Within the app, your secure personal profile lets you keep track of your highest rated blends and easily recall session history to replicate dosages and device temperature settings. Graphs help you understand product effectiveness so you can identify what’s working, and create consistent, reliable results whenever you’re in search of relief.

Once you’ve found the right products for your needs, the app lets you establish and track personal regimens for plant medicine in great detail, including blend, dose amount, device temperature and session frequency, along with the corresponding results from the various products you’ve tried.

It also provides access to the Gofire community, where anonymous product ratings help you discover what’s working for others who are searching for similar relief. The app includes an education section where community members can learn from health experts, watch videos, read the Gofire blog and understand better how to build their personal regimen.

A research article by George Washington University looking at health apps noted: “The overriding hope of the [health tracking] movement, beyond just individual improvements, is that this data will help…individuals become agents of their own health.”

This personal empowerment when it comes to your health is exactly why you need health tracking in your life.

Download the Gofire App here.