Like so many women of her generation, Beverly Holley was once frightened and skeptical of plant-based medicine. She had heard the tales her entire life: It’s wicked. It leads to “hard drugs.” It’s to be avoided at all costs.

“The stigma is what really inhibited me from trying it,” Beverly, 56, said. “I grew up in an era where using it was bad. We were told it leads to heroin.”

But also like many folks her age, Beverly struggles with chronic pain. Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, she suffers with back, hip and knee pain 24 hours a day. Even following multiple surgeries to rectify her spine and joint issues, Beverly still experiences constant pain. And with the opioid addiction epidemic dominating headlines, she’s very wary of traditional pain drugs. The pain and lack of treatment options kept her from enjoying her life. She missed traveling with her husband, Prince, and attending events with her two children. She was miserable and cranky far too often.

“As I’ve gotten older I started experiencing more and more pain, but I don’t like using pain medications,” she explained. “I see a lot of people my age trying to find relief from pain. I had heard about alternative medicine from friends and as it became legal I became more curious.”

That curiosity persuaded her to visit a plant-based medicine retailer in Colorado for the first time – with a little (or maybe a lot) of urging from her husband. She had a lot of questions about what products worked for pain, what were the best ways to ingest the products and what she could expect in terms of benefits. As a result, she’s become a regular consumer of CBD products and sometimes THC products.

And how does she know it’s working?

“Because I’ll stop hurting,” she said with a smile. “Although I’m new to the whole experience, my husband has really helped me get over the hurdle.”

Beverly still feels there’s a bit of stigma to using the products – and its one reason she’s so enthusiastic about Gofire’s technology to help patients know exactly what they’re taking, how much they’re taking and how they can track their usage to replicate the best results. She believes that a more reliable and consistent experience will help relieve lingering doubts many consumers still carry.  

“I’m looking to take control of my medical conditions,” said Beverly, who works in health care information technology. “Even though I work in the medical field, I want to explore a pharmaceutical-free approach to better health. I want something that feels safe.”