As alternative health solutions go mainstream and more people look beyond traditional Western medical practices, it’s clear that plant-based medicine isn’t just some silly Goop fad—it’s revolutionizing our modern approach to health.

But plant-based medicine presents challenges for today’s patients: How can they be absolutely sure they’re using the right product to address their particular ailment? If they’re using an inhalable delivery method, how do they know they’re getting the right dose? How do they track their dosing to make sure they’re medicating consistently for the desired outcome?   

The confusion for patients around what product to use and how to measure and dose consistently is a real problem. When it comes to plant medicine, this inexact, nebulous process is a serious roadblock that prevents many people from successfully using remedies they need.

But modern technology is making this component of self-care a lot easier.

There’s An App For That

Especially in the age of smartphones and fitness trackers, there’s no reason why patients shouldn’t have smart health technology that takes the guesswork out of the plant medicine process. Health monitoring is a growing trend, and for good reason: Tracking your own health information is an invaluable tool for symptom management and preventing illness, and allows people to play an active role in their own wellness.

Countless patients would benefit from an app that lets them know how much medicine they’re putting in their bodies, and helps them find the best remedies through community recommendations and feedback.

That’s what the Gofire Dosing App and precision inhaler are all about.

Think Yelp meets Waze meets Fitbit. By using the Gofire smart health app that combines community resources with reliable metered dosing technology and a tracking system, patients can fine-tune personalized treatment with a medicine, amount and dosing regimen that meets their needs and lets them achieve consistent outcomes. Gofire’s groundbreaking smart health app lets patients truly integrate plant-based medicine into their treatment plan, and document how unique blends interact with their mind and body, as well as prescription medications.

The data shows that smart health technology works: “Applications that can track and improve sleep, diet, physical activity, body weight, stress, mood and vital signs help abstract concepts to become more concrete,” writes Emily Newhook at the Milken Institute School of Public Health.

By bringing these tools to the realm of plant medicine, we can empower patients to make the best choices for their own health. The marriage of cutting-edge technology with age-old, plant-based health remedies offers consumers the best of both worlds.