Track All Your Plant Medicine in the Gofire App

Female using the Gofire App to track plant medicine.

Since the launch of the Gofire Inhaler in November, we’ve been overwhelmed with the response. In fact, thanks to the support of the Gofire Community, the Inhaler is temporarily sold out! But don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours yet, we’re building more every day and plan to resume shipping again this spring. 

In the meantime, we want to remind everyone how the Gofire App can be used to track other types of plant-based medicines. Although we talk a lot about using the App to track your plant medicine using the Gofire Inhaler and SmartCartridge, it’s just as easy to track other types of plant medicine. Here’s a quick primer on how to find, dose, track and learn about all kinds of medicine through the Gofire App.

The Gofire App makes it easy and efficient to manage your medicine. First off, you can search for and find products that work for a particular ailment based on ratings from others in the Gofire Community. In addition, you can search for all types of medicines, including tinctures, topicals, loose-leaf and more. After finding which product works best for your condition, it’s easy to fine-tune a dosing regimen to fit your needs. In addition, you can anonymously share feedback on your experiences to help others in the community. Although this may sound like a lot, it’s really quite simple.  

Let’s Break it Down

Find. dose, track and learn on the Gofire App.

Step 1: FIND

The first step to fine tuning your plant medication is to browse the products that are available and select which product or products may work best for your specific ailments. The “Find” section on the Gofire App allows you to search for products based on the symptoms they help manage.

For example, you may need help managing anxiety. The Gofire App allows you to search for products available in your area that are top rated by other community members to help manage the symptoms of anxiety. A list of products will be displayed sorted by rating, allowing you to choose the product that feels best suited for you. Once you select a product, the App will show where its available for purchase, and you can select the most convenient retailer to pick it up. This process can be repeated to try out new products or to re-purchase products to manage an array of symptoms. 

Step 2: DOSE

After selecting and purchasing a product (or products), you’re ready to start tracking each dose. Under the “Dose” section of the Gofire App, there are options to either scan a barcode or a Gofire DoseCode. After scanning a barcode or DoseCode with the App, you can select the dose size you’re consuming and view additional information about that product, such as the exact chemical formulation or third-party lab tests. 

For example, if a patient scans a gummy edible that contains 2.5 mg of CBD per piece, the Gofire App will recognize that product and allow you to select the number of gummies consumed per dose. If the product does not exist in the Gofire system, you’ll be asked to snap a few photos of the product packaging once you’ve scanned the product’s barcode. Once the product has been added to the Gofire platform (typically within 72 hours), you’ll be able to track the dose you consumed. 

Step 3: TRACK & LEARN 

Finally, once you’ve inputted your dose into the App, you’ll receive a push notification asking you to rate how the product impacted you. Notifications occur anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour after consuming a dose, depending how long it takes that particular medicine to take effect. Once you receive the notification, you can rate and review the product anonymously so that others in the Gofire Community can benefit from your experience as well. 

The “Track” section in the Gofire App allows you to analyze how the products you’re taking are helping you find relief. From size, to time and frequency, the App remembers every detail of each dose — so you don’t have to do the work. Imagine remembering you experienced significant relief from chronic back pain a week ago, but not recalling why. By tracking your medicating sessions with the App, you can return to your personal profile and view exactly which plant medicine you took that day, what you took and when you took it. Now, you can replicate that experience time and time again to manage your symptoms accordingly. 

A Regimen as Unique as You Are

Couple walking with "track" dose bubble next to them.

No matter how you choose to consume plant-based medicine, it’s important to know how it’s affecting you. Individuals are often affected differently by the same dosages of plant medicine due to differences in tolerance and other factors — making it even more important to track your personal results. 

The Gofire App allows you to view exactly what’s in each product you’re consuming and tailor your plant medicine regimen to specific needs. The product ratings process allows you (and other patients) to effectively predict how a product will affect a particular condition or ailment. With the Gofire App, you can easily control every aspect of your dose regimen directly from the palm of your hand. 

The app is available for download on iOS today!

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