By Gofire Staff

Let’s face it, most of us are pretty busy. It can be hard to remember the daily details of our lives—even important things like a medication regimen—when we’re relying solely on our own recall.

That’s why so many people can benefit from keeping a patient log, a.k.a. symptom journal, to record their medication regimen, outcomes and side effects. This is particularly useful for alternative health care options, such as plant-based medicines that are used for various purposes.

Many patients find that keeping a medication log also helps them feel more involved in their own treatment plans, and gives them a clearer understanding of their symptoms and their responses to specific medication options. Additionally, this enables better communication with healthcare providers and more meaningful clinical interpretation of the patient’s medical history.

Medication logs and symptom journals are simple, effective tools that help patients remember why, when, where and how to take their medicine to achieve consistent results. They also help augment the patient’s treatment process by providing vital data to guide therapeutic approach.

Patient recordkeeping is valuable for administering and monitoring use of plant-based medications, as the inherent variability can pose unique challenges for response monitoring.

There are numerous chemical compounds in plant medicine that can influence how patients feel. And given the wide range of plant medicine varieties on the market today, keeping a medication log is a great way to help patients record daily medicating, keep track of special instructions, document side effects and analyze the data to better inform their treatment plan.

The Gofire ecosystem for plant-based medicines was built with a personalized approach in mind, and is optimized to help patients stay on track and discover their ideal dose and medication options based on personal needs. Gofire’s smart health app works in tandem with its user-friendly programmable inhaler and scannable DoseCode technology to make managing a dose regimen easy and efficient.

When patients are using the Gofire app, they can tap into another prime benefit: crowd-sourced feedback on products from the Gofire patient community. The app features a peer-reviewed anonymous product rating system that allows patients to track and discover what’s working for others in search of similar relief—think Yelp meets FitBit for plant-based medicine.

Patients can begin truly integrating different types of plant-based medicine into their treatment plans with the Gofire app, by using data to understand how unique blends interact with their body, mind and prescription medications.

The Gofire app allows patients to intuitively monitor dose delivery, track session efficacy and discover the products and dose regimens that work best for them, putting patients in the driver’s seat by empowering them to make informed decisions.

Patients can dose with pharmaceutical-grade precision and track what they’re putting into their body.

Gofire provides session control for its inhaler, where users can customize temperature settings, analyze the chemical profile of a dose and log all relevant activities relating to their treatment. The app performs a blend analysis of every dose and identifies trends that can give patients insight for selecting alternative medicine products best suited for their needs.

The app keeps track of a patient’s highest-rated blends, as well as other important session history details like the patient’s preferred device settings. The app also renders graphs for better understanding of product effectiveness, so patients can identify what’s working for them and generate consistent, reliable results.

The Gofire health suite facilitates far more comprehensive analysis than traditional journaling. It’s the perfect time for patients to tap into this advanced technology.

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